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Our services are delivered by a team of accounting and tax professionals with extensive training and experience in accounting, auditing, tax management, international tax systems, and a commitment to customer service.

Tax Compliance


Compliance certificates, statutory returns, general consumption

tax, payroll and contribution tax, corporate income and

withholding tax. Being tax compliant reduces the cost of paying

penalty, interest and surcharge. Consequently, we take tax

compliance very seriously by reminding our clients of important dates on the tax calendar for statutory returns, general

consumption tax, payroll and contribution tax, corporate and

individual income tax, withholding tax and compliance certificates.

Tax Consultation


Consultation on available tax incentives in various territories; and declaratory requirements relating to various territories, including Jamaica and Canada. 

Tax Planning


Structuring of tax transactions and due diligence procedures relating to the tax affairs of acquisition targets.

Tax Representation


Representation for audits, objections, and appeals - on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Indirect Taxes


Our professionals handle the indirect taxes, levied on goods and services, on behalf of our clients.

International Taxes


Our professionals handle the taxes levied on the worldwide income of multinationals.

Expatriate Taxes


We provide support for entry interviews to assist with knowledge of the operations of the domestic tax and social security systems of the client's temporary home.

We handle the preparation of tax returns, documentation and other compliance matters for the duration of the time away from home. We provide support for exit interviews before they return home to ensure that all tax matters have been properly resolved.

Transfer Pricing


We provide:

1. Global solutions for clients, that protect against the threats posed by transfer pricing legislation.

2. Advice on prices for intra-group transactions, using proven economic databases to recommend prices which maximize legitimate tax saving.

3. Advice on the documentation of a group's transfer pricing policies. 

4. Support for negotiations for Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) with tax authorities.

Consumption Tax


Our team stands ready to provide guidance with your general consumption tax returns, which is the tax included  in the final price the consumer pays for goods and services.The General Consumption Tax Act requires most businesses in Jamaica to: Register with Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), and charge and collect taxes of 16.5% on all the standard-rated goods and services they supply.



Our wide client base includes corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and self employed individuals in:

Trading & Distribution
Financial Services
Security Service
Custom Brokerage & Shipping


Professional Practice (lawyers, doctors)

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